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Call us anytime (877) 829-6125



The Lotus Driving Academy USA is owned and operated by the Sage Automotive Group to make it one of the most premier private Motorsports facility in the world.

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Home of the largest Nissan dealer in the country! We have been selling and servicing vehicles for more than 35 years. Starting out in 1969 as a single Nissan dealer, Universal City Nissan quickly rose to the top. Since then we have catered to thousands of customers by expanding our operations to include Glendale Nissan, Glendale Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz of Valencia and our newest affiliate, West Covina Nissan.

Our dealerships are known for their kind and friendly sales staffs that speak a number of languages (literally every language). We specialize in Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Infiniti brands for the Los Angeles region, and can answer any question you may have about them, or any of their models.

We serve Los Angeles, and our expertise has people from all around California coming to our dealerships.  You can't choose your family - but you can choose ours. Sage Automotive Group. A family business since 1969. You can find us at 3550 Cahuenga Blvd W, Los Angeles, CA 90068 today.

The Site Plan

The site plan of the Lotus Driving Academy USA track is definitely worth checking out.  The track is surrounded by Track Lots, and boasts many amenities on site.  Some of those amenities include a Tower Building, Tuning Shop, Trackside Garage and a Club Campus.

More on the Lotus Driving Academy USA Track:

  • Motorsports Village
    • Tower Building
    • Tuning Shop
    • Trackside Garage
    • Fuel Island
  • Paddock
    • Karting
    • Auto Cross
    • Skid Pad
    • RC Track


The Vision

Map of the Lotus Driving Academy USA grounds

Map of the Lotus Driving Academy USA grounds


The beautiful mountain scenery, dry desert conditions and mild climate have long made the Coachella Valley a world-class destination. Combining this ideal environment with the passion for performance driving, restoring, collecting and racing cars. 

The Lotus Driving Academy USA is being developed with the highest quality amenities, great driving experiences and a member's service model that has never been contemplated in this type of environment.